Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hijab is for a princess. If you wearing Hijab for the sake of Allah then you are a Princess.
Dress to please Allah Not to His creation. Dear sisters, Hijab is so much more than just 'COVERING' your hair. It also means to cover your modesty. Hijab is all about modesty, dignity, respect and integrity. Hijab includes moral conduct, behavior, attitude and intentions of the individual. Hijab aslo means lowering the gaze to avoid the sins of eye and the heart. And your hijab is not hair style replacement. If the purpose of covering up is to  hide your aurat, why replace it with a covering that immitate your aurat in fancy colour?  The hijab can take many forms all of which when done right, In syaAllah are beautiful in their own right. Covering the chest is the best...Allah commanded us to covered aurat not to wears hijab...but the hijab helps us to cover our can wears box, bucket, blankets or anything else, as long it covers your aurat...and we covers our aurat not wrap our is differ covers and wrap...covers is something loose and wrap is something that tight and follow body shape(tight or skinnies). Women should cover all the body except the face and the hands up to wrist and our clothes shouldn't resemble that of the opposite gender...The concept of hijab in islam are the hijab is not transparent (what is the function wearing transparent hijab?), the hijab must not be too tight until other can see the shape of our ears, it not short and cover our chest, shoulder and our back too, the hijab not too overdress...just wear a simple hijab and do not make the high bun (sanggul), and don't wear hijab resemble other religion such as pastor of the church.
When your hijab is see-through or when it's half on your head & half not or when it's on, but your fringe is showing or when your hairs covered but your ears are showing or when your hijab is on but you wearing skin tight clothes OR when you think hijab is JUST  the covering of the hair...sister... THAT'S NOT HIJAB...but you're following the fashion not Allah law.

Sisters..please don't say your're not ready to wears hijab or you say tommorrow you start wearing a hijab. How about if you die today and how about if the world end today or tommorrow. Do you want to take this answer when confront Allah! We don't know when we gonna die or when the world end..mybe tommorrow or mybe today...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Men hate crying, they rarely do it.But when a man cries over you,you can be sure
that he loves your more than anything.No guy worth your tears and when you find the one 
that is...he won't make you cry.A girl crying over a guy is normal because girls are
 sentimetal and their heart so soft.But if a guy cries for a girl, it mean the girl means more to him than anyone ever will.Guy have high ego and they won't cry for no reason.Except they are queer..ahahaha... and sometime in their tears have honesty and that really touch every girl heart when they do cry for a important reason.And i like guy that cry for something that he love very much and wants it back.
And i like a man who treats his woman like a princess.A man who do that is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen and he surely will take care of his princess like he takes care of his queen (mother).Are there still men like this? If yes...I want to meet with a guy like life would be like heaven....

Saturday, May 3, 2014

If you are looking for a spouse, look for the one who will take you to Jannah.
Marry someone who will promise to wake up you for fajr. 
Beacause a real man will offer you marriage.A loser will offer you zina.
Arrijalu Qawwamuna 'Ala Nisa (man is the protector of women).
When you stop searching for a Prince and make Allah the King of you heart,
He will help you to complete your 'FAIRYTALE'

Do not love        
the one who doesn't  
love Allah,If they can 
leave Allah         
they will leave you   
(Iman Syafee'i)