Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to develop our khusyuk/khusho in sholat/prayer.

-Dont delay.Try to pray as early as possible.
-Prepare yourself for payer properly.Repeat the adhaan, perform wudhu properly.
-Eliminate inward & outward distractions.World thing.
-Renew intention & seek refuge with Allah from shaitan.
-Take your time in recitation.Pause at the end of each aayah.
-Give each position its due right.Strive to make doa in sujud, that is when we are closest to Allah.
-Focus on whom we are speaking to in our sholat.
-Remember DEATH.
-Know the meaning what you are saying.
-Recite adhkaar(Allahu akbar,Subhanallah,Astaqfiruallah) after sholat.They help strengthen khusyuk in the heart.

p/s:Im not good in this too but iam still trying to get the best khusyuk and get near to Allah SWT in my sholat.

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